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Taiji is a game in which you explore a mysterious and detailed world full of puzzles. It is important to think hard and to pay close attention, as vital clues are sometimes hidden in plain sight.

All of the puzzles in the game are solved using a consistent interface: a grid of tiles which may be either on or off. Inputting a solution to a puzzle in the game requires the player to put the tiles in the right configuration.

An Early Puzzle

Although having all the puzzles be this way might seem like it would be dull, this is really just the interface to solving the puzzles. The puzzles themselves might be about all kinds of different things. The puzzles are free to increase in subtlety and complexity, but unlike a traditional adventure game, where the rules change on a whim, in Taiji the player knows from very early on that in order to solve puzzles, they need to interact with these panels.

Taiji is being developed by myself, Matthew VanDevander. You can keep up with the game by following the development blog. I do occasional livestreams of development on twitch. I archive those streams on YouTube. Or if that’s not enough, you can also follow development of the game on twitter: @taijigame

Updated 20 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorMatthew VanDevander
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Exploration, Open World, Unity


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