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Hey did you mean for the christmas tree breakable 

Yes, sometimes winter can be a harsh mistress.


I must say its a simple but fun game 

Thanks. I mostly intended it to be a bit of a troll, but perhaps it is the game equivalent of an oddly satisfying youtube video.

Yeah it would love to see you expand it, If you need help ill be glad to 

I dont know what you wrote this in could you comment it below and ill edit and send the copy i made if you want 

It's just made in puzzlescript:

There's a link to the game's source  in the description if you want to look at it. I copied it below:

As far as expanding it, maybe if I had a good idea of where to go with it. But I'm currently in the middle of a major project already so I don't really have time to take on something else. :)

its cool i kinda took the code and am  "remaking it" as to speak some of your core code is in their as in the "titlemaps" but new icons

Here is the like if you wanted to check it out